elite_ads-02.jpg Through the use of professional translation services, you can break down these barriers and ensure that your clients will receive the information clear and concise. 


When a company decides to go global, professional translation services produce superior results compared to a software service that produces disappointing results. Yes, it may be the easiest and most convenient way out there but would you really sacrifice quality over speed?


Advantage and Disadvantage of Google Translate


Aside from the fact that these programs are quick and free, they are using a statistical method to form an online translation database based on the language pair frequency. However, the meaning can be lost in translation as it often produce translations that contain significant grammatical errors. It also doesn't have a system to correct these errors.  


Many people assume that transliteration is the same as translation. However, if you need to read text in another language, and are more interested in pronouncing it than understanding it, you need transliteration. But if you want to know what it means, you need translation services.


In 2017, there was a reported incident involving the Malaysian Defense Ministry, who decided to use Google Translate to create an English version of its official website. Another one happened in 2018 and went viral after the Ipoh City Council put up a faulty English notice at the entrance of the Perak Tourism Information Centre. The Perak government reminded the civil workers not to rely on such services when producing official documents or public notice.  This incident made the public aware of the danger of using online translation tools alone - making people think twice whether to use it for anything of great importance, without checking to make sure that there are no errors in context, grammar or otherwise.

Benefits of Working with a Professional Translator


One of the greatest advantages of working with a professional translation service is the consistency of work they present. It is important that all your communication channel remain consistent from emails to marketing collaterals, because inconsistency can damage the company’s brand image and reputation.


If your business enters the global market, translating your online content to another language is not fairly enough. A professional translation company can provide it to you with localization, which means your content will be adapted to everything local. Translators from a professional company are usually native speakers and they reside to the target countries. They know how to navigate nuances to ensure that your content are both grammatically and culturally accurate.


For those who work in the medical, tech, legal, or other industries, finding a professional language translator who specializes in their industry can make all the difference. Working with a specialist can ensure that your translations are accurate, easy to read, and completed in a timely manner. 


Even though it is tempting to work with an individual freelance translator, you can save both time and money by working with a translation company. Translation is a skill that should be mastered or else things could go wrong, and we know that correcting mistakes is costly and time-consuming. A professional translation company can properly do the job in meeting your deadlines and delivering high quality work.


Many businesses believe they can save a few bucks by using an online translator or asking a current bilingual employee to translate whatever documents they need. However, the low quality of this work typically ends up costing the company more in the end. That's why availing our professional translation services will benefit your company by expanding your visibility and reach around the world. Elite Translations is one of the most reliable, accessible, and cost efficient localization company that will change your game plan for success.