Freelancer vs Translation Company: Hiring Document Translation Experts

Most people, especially Filipinos, know all too well that preparing travel and immigration requirements can be tedious work. Apart from requesting various documents, there’s also the need to provide an official document translation, which cannot be done by just anyone. And when it comes to document translation services Philippines-based travelers, OFWs, and international students trust, there are two ways to go: hire a freelancer or collaborate with a professional translation services company.

To help you weigh your options, here’s what you should understand
about hiring a freelancer versus a translation services company.

Hiring a Freelance Translator for Document Translation

For the most part, it’s easy to find a professional with specialized translation skills. However, there are also some common drawbacks to hiring a freelancer for document translation. Here are the pros and cons.


  •  Direct vetting and communication with the translation expert
  •  Potentially cheaper cost since you’re only working with one professional
  •  Flexible schedule. Freelancers are not bound to typical 9-to-5 working hours


  • Availability risks due to freelancers’ flexible schedules and potential non-responsiveness during specific working hours
  • Limited revision requests, potentially impacting the quality of the final translation
  • Longer processing time for complex or large projects (e.g., manuals, training materials) as freelancers work individually, not in a team
  • Lack of capacity to offer certification and industry-standard quality checks for deliverables, unlike established translation companies

Hiring a Translation Company for Document Translation

There are plenty of benefits that come with partnering with a professional translation agency. Still, some people might not take to working with a translation agency for different reasons. Let’s look at the case for getting a translation company, as well as the potential disadvantages.


  • Organized processes that adhere to industry standards (e.g., ISO certification, GDPR data protection standards, other data privacy and security standards)
  • Comprehensive vetting of in-house translators. Native translators undergo strict background checks and training so that their translation and localization work is precise and culturally nuanced
  • Industry caliber. A trusted translation company can provide a Certificate of True Translation widely recognized by embassies and agencies
  • Access to supplementary equipment (i.e., tools for data security adherence)
  • Better accountability. You can be assured of the responsiveness and availability of a certified translator during business hours, in a physical office


  • Hands-on clients might not be accustomed to letting others handle tasks while waiting for results
  • You may need to allocate extra funds for tasks like quality checks or the issuance of a translation certificate
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Conclusion: Freelancers are good for individual projects, but certified document translation companies promise reliability and industry-standard compliance

Overall, both freelancers and translation agencies have their merits. In the end, it all boils down to what you’re looking for in a language service provider (LSP)—ideally, the right balance between speed and quality; cost-effectiveness and reputation. While freelancers are often great for one-off projects, it might be better to work with a certified translation company for official translations completed through trusted, industry-compliant procedures

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