Multilingual Staffing​

What is multilingual staffing? It is the practice of hiring employees who can speak and work in multiple languages. In the Philippines, where various languages are spoken, multilingual staffing is essential for businesses to communicate effectively with a diverse audience.


Why do you need multilingual staffing in the Philippines? In an interconnected world, having employees who can communicate in multiple languages facilitates international collaborations, partnerships, and business relationships.

Multilingual Staffing​

Long-Term Hire

For ongoing, consistent multilingual needs within your core operations. Our experts handle legal translation, meeting interpretation, regulatory compliance, inquiries, and diverse audience engagement through culturally relevant campaigns.

Short-Term Hire

For short-term projects or testing multilingual workforce expansion feasibility, our experts provide interpretation for attendees, assist in negotiations and product demonstrations, conduct surveys and interviews, and build media relationships in diverse languages.


We believe in clarity and commitment to transparency across the customer experience for the services we offer.


We want to provide clear language services that respect different cultures and stay true to the original meaning.


We are confident about the services we provide with our technical expertise. Our warranty and unlimited revisions ensure our work is guaranteed.

How do I provide better support for my global customers? ​

We know how.

What is Included?​

Experience - 14 years in the industry

Choose a certified translations services company in the Philippines that is tried and tested. Spanning more than a decade of experience and knowhow.

Lightning fast response

Hate late? So do we. Get you documents within 2 - 3 working days only. Need it faster? Our rush translation delivers within 24 hours. Guaranteed.

Door to Door Delivery

We value your time. So we offer document delivery of hard copies from our office straight to your doorstep; no need to physically pick them up. Convenience taken to the next level.

Certified by Elite

All translation projects come with unlimited warranty and a certificate with company seal stating the document was done by an expert translation service provider in a professional manner.

Recognized by authorities

Global Embassies, government agencies and other institutions instantly recorgnize our company seal. Making it easier for you to process your requirements.

Our process

Step 1: Client Consultation

We work with you to understand your specific needs: languages required, skill sets needed, type of roles and desired timelines. We discuss communication preferences and any specific requirements and define the scope of services.

Step 2: Candidate Sourcing

We utilize their extensive network of multilingual candidates from various sources. Job boards specialize in multilingual talent. Cultural communities, professional associations and universities. Internal database of pre-vetted candidates.

Step 3: Candidate Screening and Assessment

We screen and interview effectively by prioritizing language fluency, assessing relevant skills and experience, and utilizing culturally sensitive interview practices. We do background checks and reference checks ensure candidate suitability and credibility.

Step 4: Interview and Matching

We assist with interview scheduling and provide guidance on culturally sensitive interview practices. We actively participate in interviews, facilitating communication and bridging cultural gaps, Based on your input and candidate evaluations, we will match you with the most qualified and compatible candidates.

Step 5: Offer and Negotiation

We assist you with crafting competitive compensation packages, considering your language skills and relevant experience. We guide you through offer negotiations and address anty cultural-specific nuances in communication.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring multilingual staff long-term brings deep expertise, fosters relationship building, enables strategic planning, and reduces turnover costs, enhancing overall communication and efficiency.
Hiring multilingual staff on a long-term basis may involve a higher initial investment and reduced flexibility in adapting to changing workloads or project needs.
Long-term multilingual hiring is ideal when you have ongoing, consistent language needs in core operations, are building a dedicated team for specific languages or regions, or require staff with specialized skills or industry knowledge in a particular language.
Hiring multilingual staff on a short-term basis offers cost-effectiveness, flexibility, reduced risk through a trial period, and access to a variety of talents for specific projects or peak periods.
Considerations for short-term multilingual hiring include a potential higher training time, an impact on continuity and relationship-building, and the potential recruitment costs associated with frequent hiring for short-term projects.
Short-term multilingual hiring is ideal for one-time projects, temporary workload spikes, specific language skills for niche projects or events, and testing the feasibility of expanding the multilingual workforce before long-term commitments.
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