What is multimedia? It refers to the integration of different media types into a single presentation or experience. This can include visuals (images, photos), audio (music, sound effects), text (captions, dialogues), video (movies, clips), and interactive elements (buttons, menus).


Why do you need multimedia in the Philippines? It can captivate audiences and deliver information in a more engaging and interesting way than traditional text-based communication. It can simplify complex information, making it easier to understand and remember.

Multimedia Services


It helps the market understand what your product is and how they can use it, Make it match many languages for more people to understand. Translate it to 80+ languages reach wider audiences globally.


Write down words and make those words understandable through good spelling. Do it in 80+ languages for clear communication.


Add words to videos for better understanding and break down language barriers to appreciate foreign films literature. Do it in 80+ languages for everyone to get it.


We believe in clarity and commitment to transparency across the customer experience for the services we offer.


We want to provide clear language services that respect different cultures and stay true to the original meaning.


We are confident about the services we provide with our technical expertise. Our warranty and unlimited revisions ensure our work is guaranteed.

How do I make my content more engaging to global viewers?

We know how.​

What is Included?​

Experience - 14 years in the industry

Choose a certified translations services company in the Philippines that is tried and tested. Spanning more than a decade of experience and knowhow.

Lightning fast response

Hate late? So do we. Get you documents within 2 - 3 working days only. Need it faster? Our rush translation delivers within 24 hours. Guaranteed.

Door to Door Delivery

We value your time. So we offer document delivery of hard copies from our office straight to your doorstep; no need to physically pick them up. Convenience taken to the next level.

Certified by Elite

All translation projects come with unlimited warranty and a certificate with company seal stating the document was done by an expert translation service provider in a professional manner.

Recognized by authorities

Global Embassies, government agencies and other institutions instantly recorgnize our company seal. Making it easier for you to process your requirements.

Our process

Step 1: Client consultation

We meet with you to understand your goals, target audience, brand guidelines, and desired outcomes for the project. We outline the project deliverables, timeline, resources needed, and associated costs for your approval.

Step 2: Pre-Production and Planning

We create scripts and storyboards if storytelling is involved to visualize the flow and key elements of the multimedia piece. We gather existing brand assets, visuals, audio, and text. New assets, like animations or music are outsourced.

Step 3: Production and Development

We create the media with our designers, animators, and videographers to bring the script and storyboards to life. We tested the multimedia piece across various platforms and devices.

Step 4: Delivery and Launch

We deliver the completed multimedia piece in the agreed-upon format (website integration, video file, software package, etc.). We assist with launching the project, potentially including website integration, social media promotion, or event coordination

Step 5: Post-Production and Analysis

We set up analytics and metrics to track to gauge the project’s success in achieving its goals, like website traffic, user engagement, or social media reach. We offer ongoing maintenance and support for your multimedia project, like bug fixes and updates
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Website copy, marketing materials, ads, blog posts, product descriptions, etc.)
We do multiple rounds of revisions, incorporating feedback)
full verbatim, speaker identification, timestamps, etc.
(Depends on length, complexity, and desired accuracy level.)
Yes, with additional translation services.
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