Quality Policy

Quality Assurance

Quality is not limited to producing excellent results, it is the yardstick of a company’s values. We take Quality very seriously at Elite, and it is embedded at the core of every single customer journey point.

Response to Emails

30-Minute Rule

We respond to emails in less than 30 minutes. We give the people we work with our undivided attention, so they can worry less and do more.

Project Delivery

Hate being late? So do we.

Our commitment to meeting customer deadlines is second to none. To show this unwavering commitment, we automatically give discounts when we deliver late.

Customer Service

Worry less, do more.

Our customers are those that are always striving to push the limits; they excel in their respective fields. So we want them to worry less and do more by leaving the work to us, updating them when they need it, as often as needed. Like having a personal assistant, we do the follow up to you, not the other way around.

Commitment of Top Management

At Elite, our sole commitment is to always deliver the best result. We are commited to help you break the language barrier and reach your desired touch points. No ifs, no buts. No muss, no fuss.

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Translate your content. Be everywhere. Our goal is to help bridge the gap of language barrier. As your translations partner, we help you achieve your goals by delivering quality work that translates into better results. Our approach to localization services allows a seamless experience for our partners to achieve more.

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