Interpreting Services​

What are professional interpreting services? Professional interpreting bridges the communication gap between people who speak different languages. Professional interpreters verbally translate expressed thoughts and messages to facilitate real-time understanding between the speaker and audience. This ensures clear and accurate communication in various settings.


Why do you need Interpreting Service in the Philippines? Communication in a language your audience speaks not only enhances deep comprehension but also fosters trust. As professional interpreting service provider, our linguists have the domain expertise and cultural knowledge to ensure your message is delivered exceptionally clear.

Interpreting Services​

Simultaneous Interpreting

It is crucial for global events with multilingual audiences. Catch up with topics in real-time for events, conferences, and diverse language needs.

Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive interpreting means the speaker pauses for the linguist to summarize and deliver the message. It's often used in smaller events, like business meetings and interviews. 

Equipment Rental

Choose quality interpretation equipment for clear communication in multilingual events, conferences, and meetings.


We believe in clarity and commitment to transparency across the customer experience for the services we offer.


We want to provide clear language services that respect different cultures and stay true to the original meaning.


We are confident about the services we provide with our technical expertise. Our warranty and unlimited revisions ensure our work is guaranteed.

How do I create rapport and increase deal conversions in person?

We know how.

What is Included?​

Experience - 14 years in the industry

Choose a certified translations services company in the Philippines that is tried and tested. Spanning more than a decade of experience and knowhow.

Lightning fast response

Hate late? So do we. Get you documents within 2 - 3 working days only. Need it faster? Our rush translation delivers within 24 hours. Guaranteed.

Door to Door Delivery

We value your time. So we offer document delivery of hard copies from our office straight to your doorstep; no need to physically pick them up. Convenience taken to the next level.

Certified by Elite

All translation projects come with unlimited warranty and a certificate with company seal stating the document was done by an expert translation service provider in a professional manner.

Recognized by authorities

Global Embassies, government agencies and other institutions instantly recorgnize our company seal. Making it easier for you to process your requirements.

Our process

Step 1: Requirements Gathering

You will speak with a sales agent, and we will get the event details, such as location, number of attendees, subject matter, etc., and receive a quote after the initial assessment.

Step 2: Scope of Work

After the quotation is accepted, our event coordinators make it a point to visit the site and gather other details of the event to ensure a smooth and coordinated event.

Step 3: Pre Event

The event coordinator will schedule an event briefing to discuss details such as processes, expectations, event speaker profiles, and presentations to ensure quality interpretation.

Step 4: Event Proper

During the event, ingress setups and extensive testing of the equipment provided are done prior to the call time. A final briefing is done to ensure all personnel are aware of their positions. This also helps with constant monitoring for the duration of the event.

Step 5: Post Event

We go above and beyond in conducting events. Our team collates and evaluates post-event information to ensure constant improvements in the experience we deliver to you and your clients.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Interpreting services in the Philippines are in demand and often need 1 week in advance inquiry to ensure a candidate is assigned. Elite Translations Philippines is the preferred partner for interpreting events and we cater to the requests of the clients even on tight deadlines. Contact u to find out more details about scheduling.
We support over 100 languages for interpreting. Our linguist are vetted experts with hands n experience and domain knowledge. The most frequent languages requested are Chinese to English interpreting, English to Japanese interpreting, English to Spanish interpreting, English to Korean interpreting and many more. We can also do Philippines dialects such as English to Bisaya, English to Cebuano, English to Ilokano, English to Hiligaynon and many more.
A; Simultaneous interpreting is real-time, uninterrupted verbal translation used in professional settings such as business conferences and events. Consecutive interpreting on the other hand is verbal translation that uses breaks or pauses to synthesize and summarize the speaker’s message before its delivered. It is most often used in closed settings such as business meetings, training, interviews and more
Yes, remote interpreting is increasingly popular, utilizing video conferencing platforms and specialized software to provide real-time language support for online meetings, webinars and virtual conferences.

Equipment rental refers to the provision of professional translation equipment such as booths, headsets, and other tools necessary for language support during events. Our equipment’s follow the technical standards of ISO

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