How to Check if Your OFW Agency Is Legit

Recruitment agencies have long been key players in the careers of prospective overseas Filipino workers (OFWs).

Aside from being the bridge to legal employment, recruitment agencies provide the necessary guidance and support that an OFW may need when navigating life overseas.

With the major role that agencies play, it’s also important for Filipino workers to properly assess if these OFW agencies are true to their word.

Are you planning to build your OFW career soon? Here’s how to ensure your agency is 100 percent legit.

Tip 1: Check if the OFW Agency Is Registered

First things first: check if your OFW agency is licensed by the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW), formerly the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).
DMW has an online service dedicated to helping Filipinos verify the status of their recruitment agencies when seeking OFW work abroad. 
To verify your agency’s status, do the following:
  • Visit the DMW website (
  • Click on the “Licensed Recruitment Agencies” tab.
  • Type your agency’s name in the space provided.
  • Check for the necessary details.
You can also contact DMW customer service here:


Screenshot of DMW website for verifying the status of OFW agencies.
You can check the status of your OFW agency at the DMW website.

Tip 2: Be Meticulous with Recruitment Ads

It pays to be vigilant when it comes to OFW job hiring posts!

When you spot such ads, make sure to inquire about the OFW agency’s:

  • Approved job order (visit the DMW Job Orders page for active records)
  • Registration details
  • Worksite details
  • Required skills & qualifications


Remember: Accredited employers may advertise overseas opportunities via DMW or DMW-licensed agencies. Check these out for legitimate OFW work opportunities.


Tip 3: Spot the Red Flags When Interacting

If you did get to interact with the OFW agency, make sure to check for red flags. Sometimes, these interactions are enough to give fake agencies away!

Some red flags include:

  • Asking for money early in the recruitment process
  • Asking very personal and unnecessary questions
  • Vague or “too good to be true” job details
  • Instant hiring
  • Minimal or no online presence

Extra Tip: Don’t Forget Your Documents Before You Go! 

While you’re taking the time to vet your OFW agency, you should also start checking your documents for potential issues.

One such issue is the inaccurate translation of OFW documents.

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